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MR p1: Storage and Collection of recyclables 


To facilitate the reduction of waste generated by building occupants that is hauled to and disposed of in landfills.


Provide an easily-accessible dedicated area or areas for the collection and storage of materials for recycling for the entire building. Materials must include, at a minimum: paper, corrugated cardboard, glass, plastics and metals. 


Potential technologies & Strategies


Designate an area for recyclable collection and storage that is appropriately sized and located in a convenient area.


Identify local waste handlers and buyers for glass, plastic, metals, office paper, newspaper, cardboard and organic wastes. Instruct occupants on recycling procedures. Consider employing cardboard balers, aluminum can crushers, recycling chutes and other waste management strategies to further enhance the recycling program.

FBK Solutions

Project has provided appropriately sized dedicated areas for the collection and storage of materials for recycling.


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