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SS c4.3: Alternative Transportation - Low-emitting and Fuel-efficient Vehicles


To reduce pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.



Option 1

Provide preferred parking 1 for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles 2 for 5% of the total vehicle parking capacity of the site. Providing a discounted parking rate is an acceptable substitute for preferred parking for low-emitting/fuel-efficient vehicles. To establish a meaningful incentive in all potential markets, the parking rate must be discounted at least 20%. The discounted rate must be available to all customers (i.e., not limited to the number of customers equal to 5% of the vehicle parking capacity), publicly posted at the entrance of the parking area and available for a minimum of 2 years.



Option 2

Install alternative-fuel fueling stations for 3% of the total vehicle parking capacity of the site. Liquid or gaseous fueling facilities must be separately ventilated or located outdoors.



Option 3

Provide low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles 1 for 3% of full-time equivalent (FTE) occupants.

Provide preferred parking 2 for these vehicles.




Option 4

Provide building occupants access to a low-emitting or fuel-efficient vehicle-sharing program. The following requirements must be met:

  • One low-emitting or fuel-efficient vehicle must be provided per 3% of FTE occupants, assuming that 1 shared vehicle can carry 8 persons (i.e., 1 vehicle per 267 FTE occupants). For buildings with fewer than 267 FTE occupants, at least 1 low emitting or fuel-efficient vehicle must be provided.

  • A vehicle-sharing contract must be provided that has an agreement of at least 2 years.

  • The estimated number of customers served per vehicle must be supported by documentation.

  • A narrative explaining the vehicle-sharing program and its administration must be submitted.

  • Parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles must be located in the nearest available spaces in the nearest available parking area. Provide a site plan or area map clearly highlighting the walking path from the parking area to the project site and noting the distance.


Potential technologies & Strategies

Provide transportation amenities such as alternative-fuel refueling stations. Consider sharing the costs and benefits of refueling stations with neighbors.


FBK Solutions

  1. For car:

    • Total car parking: 07 spaces

    • Parking for Low emission & Fuel Efficient Vehicles: 01 spaces


  1. For bike:

    • Total car parking: 504 spaces

    • Parking for Low emission & Fuel Efficient Vehicles: 26 spaces


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