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WE c3: Water Use reduction 


To further increase water efficiency within buildings to reduce the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems.


Employ strategies that in aggregate use less water than the water use baseline calculated for the building (not including irrigation). The minimum water savings percentage for each point threshold is as follows:

Calculate the baseline according to the commercial and/or residential baselines outlined below. Calculations are based on estimated occupant usage and must include only the following fixtures and fixture fittings (as applicable to the project scope): water closets, urinals, lavatory faucets, showers, kitchen sink faucets and pre-rinse spray valves.

FBK Solutions

Water use reduction:47.02 %

  • Water closet (RIGEL W3-KWC9707CS10): Dual Flush 2.5L /43.5L

  • WC Touch Flush Valve – Concealed Box (RIGEL 101MFLST): 4.5 per flush

  • Lavatory Faucet (RIGEL W3-R-SCT-101): 2L per minute

  • Urinal (RIGEL W3-R-AFS202CLT): 0.5L per flush

  • Stop Valve (RIGEL W3-KSA219): 4L per minute

  • Kitchen sink (RIGEL W3-R-CY121KC): 4L per minute


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